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Many of the rural migrant workers think that working in the city, as long as they make money, is not very familiar with the employer's obligations.

Many of the rural migrant workers think that working in the city, as long as they make money, is not very familiar with the employer's obligations. Yongxing labor protection reminds the majority of migrant workers, must wear and use labor protection products in the workplace.
1. What is a labor protection glove?
The term "labor protection" means the personal protective equipment which is provided by the production and business operation entity for the employees to avoid or mitigate the injury and occupational hazards in the labor process. Labor insurance supplies are divided into special labor protection articles and general labor protection articles, special labor protection articles directory determined and publicized by the state administration of production safety supervision and management, not listed in the catalogue of labor protection articles of labor protection articles in general.
According to the provisions of the "labor law" article 54: unit of choose and employ persons must provide conform to the provisions of the state for the laborer labor safety and hygiene condition and necessary labor insurance supplies, to their workers engaging in the operations in which there are occupational hazards shall be carried out in a regular health check. The labor protection articles provided by the employing unit are divided into the following categories: according to the purpose and the protection site, the labor protection supplies can be divided into: prevent casualties; Prevention of occupational disease; Protection of designated parts of the body; Prevention of casualties; Prevention of occupational disease; Protective equipment for the purpose of protecting designated parts of the body.
2. The role of labor protection glove products.
Labor protection supplies for the laborer personal use, is to protect the workers from the occupational hazards of the last line of defense. When labor health and safety technical measures cannot eliminate dangerous and harmful factors in the process of production labor, can not meet the national standards, industry standards and regulations, also temporarily unable to undertake technical reformation, the use of labor insurance supplies became both to complete production tasks, and a means to protect worker safety and health.
It is the main purpose of this a few: one is the isolation and shielding effect, make the body from harmful factors, such as labor protection articles well isolated from the outside world some of the stimulus, avoid skin dermatitis and other pathological reaction; Another is filtration and adsorption () function, with the help of protective equipment in some of the active group of the polymer itself, or porous material adsorption of poison, washing to purify the air, such as activated carbon adsorption on porous material such as detoxification.
Iii. How to use labor protection gloves?
Use of labor insurance supplies should pay attention to have these points: first, choose protective equipment should be aimed at protection purpose, right choice conforms to the requirements of the products, can't choose wrong or will use, so as to avoid an accident. Secondly, we should take education and training seriously and fully understand the purpose and significance of using labor protection articles and use them correctly. For the structure and use of more complex products, such as respirators, should be repeated training. The respirator used for emergency relief should be strictly inspected on a regular basis and be conveniently located near the site where the accident may occur. Once again, proper maintenance of protective equipment can not only prolong its use period, but also ensure its protective effect. Earplugs, masks, masks and other use soap, clean water, and sterilize, dry. The filter material of the filter respirator should be replaced periodically in case of failure. Prevent skin pollution from work after use should be centralized cleaning. Finally, the protective equipment should be managed and maintained to ensure its full effect.



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