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▍ double the traveler rode on the hair show the comprehensive strength

▍ double the traveler rode on the hair show the comprehensive strength
On April 11, the 96th China labor protection trade fair and the 79th international medical equipment fair (CMEF) opened at the Shanghai new international expo center and the national convention and exhibition center.
As China's security industry leading enterprises, is a focus of attention of successive Labour protection exhibition merchant booth with "an endless stream, crowded" to describe never, "labor" come from all over the world, all over the world flock to business negotiation and signing cooperation, solve problems, and seek common development, meet new friends here together, but to a new set sail and beyond.
The leaders of gaomi city came to the booth to visit and guide.
As a rising star of the disposable nitrile products industry, it is the fourth time to participate in the CMEF international medical device exhibition. After more than three years of market cultivation, has a certain capacity of disposable nitrile products, with the excellent quality and service, occupies a place in the domestic and international market gradually, the current production orders have arranged to 90 days.
The exhibition scene
Zhou always introduces the company's latest products to the city leaders.
The leader of the city of gaomi came to visit xingyu booth for guidance.
▍ high-end atmosphere booth suction eye countless
The first attempt to double star yu booth design, carry out on the first day, and attracted numerous merchants, "high-end, atmosphere, grade", has attracted numerous merchants praise, and become one of the biggest highlights of the stadium



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